Thursday, March 6, 2014



I can't imagine sitting idle for an entire year but that is what I had let this blog site do!  Hello World, are you still out there?

Sometimes my good intentions are voiced but then I tell myself that I'm too busy at that moment to do anything. 

So let me bring this blog up to date!
I am still affiliated with Art Du Jour Gallery and busier than ever. For the last year and a half I have been acting as Assistant Director of the Gallery.  So the responsibilities became more urgent sense there is no paid staff working in the Gallery.   We coordinate all our exhibits and incorporate the artwork of 21 artist in
this co-op gallery. 

Besides the gallery duties, I am painting, teaching classes, and taking workshops and participating in a weekly pastel class
with nationally known pastel artist, Richard McKinley.  I am so pleased and excited to be spending all my spare time painting and doing pastels!

The photo below is from a workshop I just completed this past week on painting "Nocturnal Pastels" or as the workshop leader, Christine Ivers, called "painting on the dark side".

Friday, July 27, 2012



It's been quite some time since my last entry! I have not been idle however, and I have definitely felt "swamped" at times!

I am now affiliated with Art Du Jour Gallery.  The gallery occupies space with Medford Interiors.
My work is shown along with 19 other artists from the Southern Oregon area.  Do drop in and take a look at our work. 

Located in the heart of downtown Medford at 213 E. Main St., we offer convenient free 3 hour parking in the Parking garage at 6th and Riverside.

Gallery Hours:
 Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, 
Saturday 11am – 4pm

Don't forget to drop in during the 3rd Fridays Art Walk each month in downtown Medford from 5:00 to 8:00 PM.  Have a glass of wine, some cheese and crackers, and lots of conversation with local artists we'd love to talk to you!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


"Sea Jetty"   Watercolor

I cannot believe that its already the end of May!  My month of May Days have seen a lot of activities and I still have more to do!

Early in the month there were so many details to keep me on my toes.  There were watercolor classes in full swing on Mondays, Tuesday Mornings and Tuesday Evenings plus a drawing and sketching class on Thursday evening.  I love being busy but I should know by now that when starting up classes they should be on a staggering start up basis!   I had two groups of intermediate painters, one beginning painter and one beginning drawing class student.  All needed my immediate attention and unfortunately the beginners began to suffer apparently (since they both dropped out).

Breathing did not become easier because I was gearing up for some non-art related commitments at the same time.  Fundraising activities for my P.E.O. group's scholarship program and also planning for the June P.E.O. Statewide Convention in Grants Pass has taken more time that I expected. 

"Aspen Quintet"  Watercolor

Lastly  as of May 31st  I have joined Art du Jour Gallery, an artist co-op, in downtown Medford.  This required that I gather some paintings to be juried as appropriate for the gallery.  The two watercolors posted above are now hanging in Art du Jour Gallery, along with two other paintings.

There are 18 other artist from the greater Rogue Valley area in this co-op.  Be sure to drop into  Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main Street to see some of my artwork there.  The Third Friday Art Walk is coming up on June 15th from 5:00 to 8:00 PM.  Stop by and say hello!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Here it is!  Already spring, the Easter Bunny arrives tomorrow and Pear Blossom Festival is next weekend!  Why am I rambling about what's happen in the near future you ask?  Well, simply it's because finally I have had time to look up from a busy winter season of classes and activities!  All that fun and interaction of life whirling around me had me going every which way!

I'm taking a deep breath, reading a book, painting a new pastel and planning for my next round of classes.  Actually I did begin a class last Monday but it was an easy in since all three painters are experienced painters and have been in one or more of my classes already!  They are delightful women and I love spending this class time with them!   The routine is easy . . .  first a cup of coffee and a gentle critique of the work they've just finished or currently working on, then down to business!   I'll  introduce a new or review topic and do a short lecture. . .  then we proceed with the painting techniques of the day or return to their "in progress" works.

On April 17 I will begin a full round of classes; Beginning Basics (AM), Basic/Intermediate (PM) and Drawing and Sketching will follow on April 19th in the evening.

When the weather clears I intend to include Plein Air Painting on Fridays into the mix!  But not yet.... It is too cold for my bones!  I just WISH that I could go to Las Vegas for the National Plein Air Gathering at Red Rocks next week!   But maybe I can go to  De Poe Bay in June for the Plein Air Painters of Oregon paint out if I can talk some other painters into going with me.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Saturday was an eventful day! I put on the teapot and coffee pot and waited for my three Picturebook Journal workshop participants to come. They came eager and on time and ready to begin a new journal. I love these women! Each one is so creative in their own way. One is an accomplished watercolor painter, another is a fantastic colored pencil artist and the third is a magician - in fabric. Dolls, clothing, knitted apparel, you name it! I talked, we worked, I talked, we ate, we worked, we talked, we shared a bit of ourselves, and each one is committed to go home and begin their picturebook sharing journals! Hurrah! I'm encouraged to present the workshop again in two or three months! If you are interested, let me know!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

MY JOURNAL: Exhibits at Rogue Gallery & Art Center, Porter's and Good Bean Coffee Company in Jacksonville

Winding down 2011 was an eventful time for me!  I had been teaching a series of watercolor classes for a delightfully energetic group of painters!  We ended the summer with an art show, "Six Artists Who Love To Paint" which was a very successful event.  I looked forward to a bit of time off from my art activities and planned to spend lots of quality time with my family but at the same time participate in the Member's Invitational Exhibit at The Rogue Gallery & Art Center which was called "Smaller Than A Breadbox".  Members were asked to paint a new painting with food as the subject.  I painted a still life with onions and garlic (two ingredients that find their way into most of my favorite recipes).  The painting below called, "Distant Cousins" is the result.
"Distant Cousins" by Pat Blair  at Rogue Gallery & Art Center
The month of January has been a very busy month for me too!   Actually, it beganin December as I prepared for January's activities.  I picked up a blank canvas from Porter's in order to participate in their 2nd annual "Impressions Of The Depot" invitational exhibit.  Fifty artists were invited to participate by once again creating a painting of their impressions of The Depot.  The canvas panels are a uniform size, 12" x 12" x 1"  and the artist can use any medium or combination of mediums to complete their piece.  I chose acrylics to work with this time.  This entry is entitled:  "Two For Dinner" and is number 24 on the Porter's ballot!  I hope you will like it enough to vote for me.... often!  You can vote each time to visit Porter's for the next three months!   There are 36 entries in this invitational show.  Each one is unique and special and you will see that the artist's have had lots of fun with their "impressions".
"Two For Dinner" by Pat Blair  at Porter's Restaurant

On December 30th I mounted a collection of 14 en plein air paintings at the wonderful exhibit space in The Good Bean Coffee Company in Jacksonville, Oregon.  The show is curated by Hannah West of Southern Oregon Artists Resources  (SOAR.Com).  On January 20th we held an artist's coffee/reception for that exhibit and was I pleased to see so many of my friends come out on a very rainy afternoon for the event.  The show will be there until January 30th. A friend and I will pick them up and relocate them back into my studio/gallery space in my home.
I just heard from one couple who saw the exhibit & is interested in a purchase.  Negotiations have begun!  You are welcome to drop in anytime to see my paintings if you are interested!
"Aspen Quintet" Watercolor by Pat Blair   Exhibited at Good Bean Company

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Nancy Moran, Glenda Cossette, Ruth Moore, Karin Dailey, Pat Blair and Mary Hanenburg 

Our Art Show and Reception was held on October 2nd at my home/studio/gallery and we all were very pleased with the attendance!  We sent out 119 invitations to our relatives, friends and acquaintances and we estimated that 72 actually came and spent a nice sunny Sunday afternoon with us!  My garden, deck and house were filled with appreciative art viewers! There was plenty of wine, cheese and bits to bite and even guitar music provided by my friend Tim Fankhauser who is a very accomplished musician!

The exhibit was quite large since there were six of us showing our paintings.  The artists had just recently completed a round of classes I conducted in my studio.  All are so very talented that I wanted to show their work and perhaps jump-start their art activities.  Several paintings sold that day... a real boost to an artist's ego!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Painting by Glenda Cossette

In 2010 and 2011 six artists have taken watercolor painting classes from Pat and are ready to show their paintings!  We are having a wine and cheese reception for friends and invited guests on Sunday, October 2nd.  The six artists, Glenda Cossette, Karin Dailey, Mary Hanenburg, Ruth Moore, Nancy Moran and Pat Blair will show their latest paintings.  Many of the paintings will be for sale.

Friday, August 5, 2011


If you have been thinking about taking a watercolor class but have been putting it off .. now is the time to jump right in!  My next class is scheduled for 8 weeks and will begin on Tuesday, September 20th.  This 9:30 am session is designed for beginning watercolor students.
There is also a 6:00 pm session, beginning September 20th  for intermediate students.

I have scheduled a drawing and sketching class that will be held on Wednesday Evenings from 6:00 to 8:30 PM beginning September 21st.  The class begins with the basics and builds as students become more proficient.  We will definitely work on shapes, form and perspective first. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010



Watercolor:  Impressions of the Depot II
An invitational exhibition of paintings by 54 local artists are on display at Porter's Restaurant in Downtown Medford.   The exhibit was scheduled for the month of November but proved so popular that Brian Porter, the owner, has extended the show to include the month of December as well.  He has, in fact, requested that the artists allow their pieces to remain at Porter's for all of 2011 too.  He is planning to repeat this show with another invitational next year at this time.

Acrylic:  1st painting
My acrylic painting (LEFT) was sold after being on display for only three days!   To honor that sales agreement, I have offered a new painting to the  couple who purchased the first one.  They have chosen the second painting. I will present the first painting to Porter's as a gift. 

This is such a fun show!  All of the paintings are done as a 12" x 12" unframed piece.  What each artist created to show their personal "Impressions of the Medford Depot" is wonderful to see!  

Monday, October 18, 2010


"Hanley's Wheat In The Field"  Watercolor/Pastel     SOLD

I have been in love with the Hanley Farm since I served on the Southern Oregon Historical Society Board of Directors.  I was introduced to the farm when we decided to use the site for a plein air paint-out fundraising project in about 2001.  We invited 100 artists from Southern Oregon to the farm for a one-day paint out and lunch.  52 painters accepted the invitation and arrived early to paint.  They spread out over the farm and selected views to paint.  Their charge was to paint something historical.  The artists were all generous enough to donate a completed painting to an auction.  After a lovely lunch we all returned to our easels to complete the paintings.  Nancy Fox of the Frame Shop was generous enough to frame the paintings that came to us unframed.   The auction was  also held at Hanley Farm under an elegant white canopy.  Dinner was catered and the auction guests were entertained by music before the auction began. We raised more than $20,000 that evening!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Rogue River at Takelma Park

This is one of my latest plein air paintings done on location just below Shady Cove, Oregon.
The Rogue River was running high due to the excessive rain we had experienced in Southern Oregon during the entire month of June.  Now that Lost Creek Dam is full there is plenty of water to release.  Fishing is great and lots of boats and fishermen can be seen wherever the fish are spawning.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Friday, July 16th marked the First Annual Membership Art Exhibit, "Dancing With The Muse" at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center.  This is my contribution to the exhibit below.  This is a "must see" show!  As Liz Robinson wrote in these poems especially for this occasion:

Impressions of
Pat Blair's Hayfield 
by Liz Robinson

Six hay bales
rolling over the gold grass hills
rounded hay bales
leaping their own shadows
down and pounding
in watercolor movements
scattered by the benevolent hand of the goddess of harvest hay
rolling leaping rounding down the midsummer day


Gallery members
hung on the walls
painted, printed, sculpted, sewn,
glazed, jeweled, woven, blown.
Not the usual minimal,
maximum cheers,
media shoulder to shoulder
crowding the space,
realized on white-washed walls
where art's hung out for fifty years.
Community on display--
new lives that join us,
decades--old lives, proud of the site
and insight gained in this gifted place.
The friendliest night,
greetings warm as smiles
and sun ripe tomatoes.  "How are you?
How are the kids?"
An Opening,
Rogue Valley style.

Liz Robinson

Monday, May 31, 2010


 This Spring I tried out a new class offering in Creating Art Journals.   It was a challenge to me although I have done journals for myself for many years.  Teaching a person to create something that they would be pleased with is difficult since we all come from a different mold. What I would want to feature is most definitely not what another creative person wants to do. At best the instructor becomes a coach and not a teacher.  It is a matter of discussing ideas and techniques that will assist an individual in becoming successful.  Sometimes the progress is slow but in the long run well worth the effort!

My theory is that art journals are a personal picture book that you may or may not want to share with other people.  If a person were to take photographs and place them in a photo album... that picture book is only seen once or twice because you must be with that book in order for the photos to be fully interpreted.   When you do an art journal... you will write something about the photo...something that describes where you took the photo... how that scene made you feel... and you may even include a diagram, a hand drawn map, or a small sketch to enhance that scene.  Voila!  A story book!  

My student, Lorrie, worked on an art journal of her trip to the Galapagos Islands. Her journal pages take the viewer along the cruise route and hiking paths  where she and her husband took many photos of wildlife found only on these islands.  I think she was quite successful!

I concentrated on My family beach excursions on the Oregon Coast.  I used my photos and simple drawings as page development examples.  My pages featured ocean views, family photos taken on the beach and the more common wildlife which can be seen any day on an Oregon beach.   The family, however, is unique and amazing!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Newly created Fine Arts Web pages -- Click here!

This past month I have worked on uploading my paintings to a new commercial website called Fine Art Studio On Line.  I found this website by looking at several artist sites that I admired from my Plein Air Painters Of Oregon membership.   It is so easy to use and I am able to keep it up daily if I prefer to do so.   I have designed the page links to include all of my other art links in order to make this a "one-stop looking site".  Do check it out!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

MY JOURNAL: ... Then and Now

Three Hens And A Rooster     Acrylic  

I was reminded after my last blog entry about The Black Necked Stilts that once before one of my sold paintings had "come home to roost"!    The tale goes like this:

My good friends, The Duncans, who used to fly a small private plane quite a bit were out for a day trip to Florence, Oregon.  Once they landed they went to a popular local eatery in town called, "The Blue Hen".   When they were seated,  Ann looked up on the wall at the large painting just above their table.    The artist signature on the painting was mine, Pat Blair!   When they returned to Medford, Ann called and asked if I had ever done a painting of chickens for a restaurant in Florence.    The answer of course was yes I had done chickens but not for a restaurant.  I, in fact, had painted several different paintings with chickens (which was a popular thing to do in the mid-seventies! )  When I tried to determine which painting it might have been Ann could not remember the details of the painting... just the artist's signature on the piece.   The next time I visited Florence, Oregon was about 6 months later.  I made a point of having lunch at The Blue Hen so that I could see the painting.  It was not anywhere to be seen!  I asked the hostess about the painting and she did remember it and said "Oh that sold right off the wall!"   So I decided that I could not solve the mystery.   I told my ex next door neighbor about this story and asked if she still had the painting I had traded her for a kitchen range.  She did.  I asked another friend who now lives in California about the painting her mother-in-law  had purchased.  She told me that her in-laws had moved from Medford to Florence and that she sold the painting she had in a big moving sale when they down-sized for retirement.  Case solved.  Except I still don't know what painting it was... just that it must have been that one.    All was fine with my not knowing anything more and I let it go. ex-neighbor, Fran, came into our Hot Pots! shop Anne Duncan, Arlene Kramer and I owned  with the large acrylic painting of Three Hens and a Rooster shown above.  She wanted me to have it back since she has no room for it now that she has down-sized in her retirement years!    

That is the way the chickens came home to roost!  The painting is happily hanging in the home of my youngest daughter who loves it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I am constantly looking for a better venue for exhibiting my paintings on the Internet. I believe I have found a really fine one. Please look at this site. It is so very simple to navigate and certainly good looking as well.



Class Fees Calendar of Classes 
Plein Air Painting Schedule 
Painter's Supply lists
Do check this out! If this isn't the right time, 
be sure to let me know you are interested 
in an up-coming class!
I just recently responded to a request to answer interview questions about art. It took some thinking on my part but I found it helpful in determining just what I do think about art.

Interested? Just cut and paste this http address in your browser.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MY JOURNAL: ... Then and Now

Black Neck Stilts  - Acrylic 

Amazing things happen all the time but rarely do they happen to me!  This is a short story, really, but I'll just make a condensed version here:

I painted this acrylic painting of Black Neck Stilts in 1968.  At that time I was still painting on very large canvases.  Several of my paintings sold during an art show/sale that was a part of Westminster Presbyterian Church's Annual Fall Festival.  Many artists who belonged to that church brought their paintings to the festival and displayed them there.  The festival was always well attended and sales were brisk.  I sold several paintings, prints and pen and ink drawings that day.    A couple from Grants Pass purchased this piece.  They were very excited to purchase this one and hang it in their newly acquired home.    

In October, 2009, (exactly 41 years later)  I received a telephone call from a woman living in Winston, Oregon.  She asked if I were the Pat Blair in Medford who painted and had I ever painted  a clutch of black and white birds with long legs.  When I answered yes, she explained that she had inherited the painting from a dear friend who had passed away recently.  The woman said she had no room on her walls for a painting this large (30" x 34") and that the colors nor subject matter would match her decor.  She wanted it to return to the original artist. She dropped the painting off just this past December 20th and asked that I take a photo of the painting with me and my three daughters sitting in front of the painting. 

Below is an original photo of me and my three daughters taken in 1968 and also the photo and my three daughters taken in December 2009.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MY JOURNAL: -- Running Water

Running Water       Watercolor    11" x 14"   (Available)

This is one of my latest paintings which was completed while I was teaching a watercolor painting class.  I used it as a step-by-step instruction piece.  The students watched me as I painted (and framed) the entire painting - start to finish during the 8 week course.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MY JOURNAL: Fall Classes Students

We have just completed my Fall class schedule.  These artists were hard working, ready to tackle every assignment given and challenged this instructor!  I was so pleased to spend this time with great friends!

Bonnie Miller, Mary Hanenburg,  Anne Duncan,
Rob Duncan and Judy Mooster,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

MY JOURNAL - July 18th Studio Art Reception

Seven paintings sold today during my Wine & Cheese Reception. How nice that they have found good homes!
The major activity I have had in the past week and a half is to prepare for my Bi-Annual Art Reception and Studio Sale. For this show I sent out about 50 on-line invitations to my family and friends primarily. Usually about 20 or so people come by for Wine, Cheese and conversation. At the same time I hoped to sell some of my paintings. This time I have over 30 framed paintings and my studio, hallway living room and dining room walls have been taken over by these paintings. Selling seven doesn't even make a dent but I am happy! Thank yous go to the new owners! I'm so happy you liked one of my paintings! There were many good and faithful friends who were unable to come today for one reason or another... but there were many, many good and faithful friends who did come and we were able to have some wine and conversation together. I was so pleased to see some of my favorite paintings become favorites of someone else! That is true validation for a painter! My darling daughters, Leigh (& her friend, Kenneth) and Marcia, were so kind to help me set up the studio show and also to serve the wine and appetizers. My granddaughter Caienna was also a tremendouis help as were her sisters, Sascha and Maia! I have a lovely family!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Journal page I did at Marti Peet's workshop
Already it is Mid-July and I have only painted once! I spent a half day last Friday painting with an artist friend , Elizabeth M. who lives in San Francisco. Glenda C. was supposed to join us but was ill that day. and she was missed! We painted The Antique Furniture Barn in Jacksonville and Glenda would have loved that! Elizabeth is a watercolor painter turned journalist painter. We met a few years back in a Journaling workshop and struck up a friendship immediately. At that time Elizabeth was living in Jacksonville. We enjoyed that first journaling workshop so much that we repeated the workshop the following summer! I believe it was the instructor, Marti Peet of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the other seven artist in the group that made it so special. Everyone came back for the second workshop that was held at The Willows, a Bed & Breakfast Inn just outside of Jacksonville. I have not pursued my journaling in the same manner as Elizabeth (who is very accomplished) but have managed to keep up my journaling since then too. Mine have taken on the form of illustrated record-keeping. I use drawings, colored sketches and photographs to keep my blogs, that is my main journal and another one about painting in plein air : &
two blogs for The Children's Festival:
I also keep my artist sketch journals I use when I go out to paint En Plein Air!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Although I had thought I would take the summer off -- I have an unexpected opportunity to begin a new series of watercolor classes for a select group! My dear friends, Anne and Rob Duncan and my new dear friend, Judy Mooster came over this past Thursday for a 3 hour painting lesson. They all agreed that they wanted to continue with the "whole enchilada" so I will begin a class for them on July 28th! We will have a great time since they are all already experienced artists and just need to work in watercolor! I am definitely looking forward to this class! We will begin with the rules of painting and work from there! It will be a challenge for me to keep ahead of them!

Monday, June 29, 2009

MY JOURNAL - It's the end of June already!

MacKenzie, Caitlin and Caienna sketching Butler-Petrozzie Fountain in Lithia Park MacKenzie, Caitlin and Charlie painting in my studio
For the past two Fridays and again today I have made a concentrated effort to get my grandchildren involved in doing their art. Each one of these teens have exceptional talent as artists! I enjoy their different approaches to art! MacKenzie wants to become a designer. Caienna is interested in abstract art and is quite accomplished! Caitlin has exceptional drawing and painting skills and Charlie is becoming quite the painter too! I am so fortunate to have all of my grandchildren living either in Medford or Ashland and very pleased that they enjoy spending time with me in my studio! I have two additional granddaughters who are also very interested in art. Sascha and Maia were both away at camp when the "olders" were doing their thing!


(Click on) Monument Valley II . . . Watercolor. . . Collection of The Artist


My Gallery/ Studio is in my home and I am fairly successful in selling my work by having an open house studio/gallery reception about twice a year (one in the Summer and one in early winter.) I find it fun to do and usually set a three hour time for the gallery sale to run. I serve wine and cheeses and spend a lot of time visiting with my friends and neighbors. (Sixteen of my paintings sold in my last sale during a three hour time period!)

Let me know if you'd like to be on my invitation list.

Just email me at:

2013 ~ Pastel ~ SOLD

2013 ~ Pastel ~ SOLD
"Orchards on Carpenter Hill" Collection of Dr & Mrs Tom Hanenburg

2013 ~ Pastel ~ SOLD

2013 ~ Pastel ~ SOLD
"From Pascal to Roxy" Collection of Dr & Mrs Tom Hanenburg

2013 ~ Monotype~ SOLD

2013 ~ Monotype~ SOLD
"Monotype Desert" Collection of Dr & Mrs Roy Lichtenstein

2013 ~ Watercolor ~ SOLD

2013 ~ Watercolor ~ SOLD
"Sea Jetty" Collection of Susie Lee

2013 ~ Watercolor & India Ink ~ SOLD

2013 ~ Watercolor & India Ink ~ SOLD
"The Old Mill" Collection of Mr & Mrs John Dailey

2013 ~ Watercolor ~ SOLD

2013 ~ Watercolor ~ SOLD
"Rogue River Below Gold Rey Dam" Collection of Mr & Mrs Rob Patridge

2013~ Watercolor ~ SOLD

2013~  Watercolor  ~  SOLD
"Tablerock" Collection of Donna Blalock

2012 ~ Watercolor ~~ SOLD

2012  ~ Watercolor ~~ SOLD
"Favorite Summer Pastime " owned by Mrs. Sue Smith of Medford, Oregon

2011 ~ Watercolor ~ SOLD

2011  ~  Watercolor ~  SOLD
TABLE ROCK ~~ Owned by Dr & Mrs Eric Overland

2010 Pastel ~~ SOLD

2010 Pastel   ~~ SOLD
Hanley's Wheat In The Field

2010 Pastel

2010 Pastel
View From Rogue River Lodge

2008 ~ WATERCOLOR (Available)

2008 ~ WATERCOLOR  (Available)
HAYFIELD - Watercolor ~~ $650.

2008 WATERCOLOR & INK (Available)

2008 WATERCOLOR & INK (Available)
Provence Farm~~ Watercolor~~ $250.00

2008 WATERCOLOR (available)

2008   WATERCOLOR (available)
Tuscan Farm -- Watercolor, 2008 ~~ $ 450.

2006 WATERCOLOR (Available)

2006 WATERCOLOR  (Available)
Mesa Verde Cliff House ~~ $250. ~~


Taos Adobe ~~Watercoilor~~ Collection of Wallace Swanson, Ankorage, AK

~~ SOLD ~~

~~ SOLD ~~
Rogue River Gorge At Union Creek ~~ Watercolor ~~ Collection of Tudy Schiveley, Tualatin, Oregon

~~ SOLD ~~

~~ SOLD ~~
Horner Ranch View ~~ Pastel ~~ Collection of Mr & Mrs Dan Kellogg, Gold Hill, Oregon

~~ SOLD ~~

~~ SOLD ~~
Three Little Brown Birds ~~ Watercolor ~~ Collection of Marcia Legg, Ashland, Oregon

~~ SOLD ~~

~~ SOLD ~~
Seven On The Rogue ~~ Watercolor ~~ Collection of Mr & Mrs Stuart Foster, Medford, Oregon

~~ SOLD ~~

~~ SOLD ~~
Bramble of Birches ~~ Watercolor ~~ Collection of Diane Newland, Jacksonville, Oregon


Farm At Table Rock~~ Watercolor~~ Collection of Dr. Tony Grubesic, Bloomington, Indiana


Abstract Oil ~~ Wet Dog ~~ Collection of Gary Blair, Medford, OR


Blacksmith Done Gone ~~ Watercolor~~ Collection of Mr & Mrs Wm Cousineau, Sunriver, OR.


Beach House ~~ Watercolor~~ Collection of Mrs. Sharon S. Stacy, Ashland, OR

~~ SOLD ~~

~~ SOLD ~~
Monument Valley II ~~ Watercolor ~~ Collection of Sharon S. Stacey, Ashland, OR


Watercolor~~Tuscan Vinyard , 2007 ~~ Collection of Mr & Mrs David Reitz, Medford, OR


Up The Road With Bixby ~~ Watercolor~~ Collection of Gary Blair, Medford, Oregon


Au Poir ~~Watercolor~ Collection of April Creson, Medford, OR.


The 'Dear' Hunter~~Colored Pencil~~ Collection of Jennifer Oliver, Eureka, CA.


Shadow Water ~ Collection of Mrs. Cherie (Hilts) Phillips, Roanoke, VA.


Tuscan Sky~~Collection of Mr & Mrs Greg Martinez, Colorado Springs, Co


Provence With Lavender -- Watercolor, 2007 ~~~~~ Collection of Mr & Mrs John Thiebes, Medford, Oregon


Caprock Thistle ~~ Watercolor ~~ Collection of Dr & Mrs. Eric Overland, Medford, OR


Ah...Tuscany! Watercolor, 2007 ~~~~~ Collection of Mr & Mrs Stuart Foster, Medford, Oregon


Good Friends, Good Wine -- Watercolor, 2007 ~~~~~~Collection of Mrs. Cherie (Hilts) Phillips , Roanoke, Virginia


Four Pots, Two Ears and A Story To Tell ~~ Collection of Marcia G. Legg, Medford, OR


Fishing From The Dock -- Collection of Mr & Mrs Bill Cousineau of Sunriver, Oregon


Storyteller With Chilis ~~ Private Collector ~~ Dallas, Texas


Grapes On The Window Sill ~~ Watercolor ~~ Collection of Marcia G. Legg, Medford, OR


Stained Glass Birches ~~~ Collection of Mr & Mrs Craig Olsen, Medford, Oregon


Birches In The Afternoon ~~ Collection of Dr & Mrs Jerry Barrett, Medford, OR


Grass Is Always Greener -- Collection of Mr & Mrs Wm. D. Cousineau of Sunriver, Oregon


Four Pots And A Basket ~~~ Collection of Mr & Mrs Rob Duncan, Medford, OR


New Mexico Pots -- Collection of Dr & Mrs James Theen, Medford, OR


River Bend ~~ Collection of Mrs. Cherie (Hilts) Phillips, Roanoke, VA


Snowfield ~~~~ Collection of Ms Meghan OFlaherty, Vancouver, WA


Monument Valley ~~ Monotype~~ Collection of Tim Harolson, Perth, Australia


Bue Storyteller ~~ Monotype ~ Collection of Tim Harolson, Perth, Australia


Grapes In The Afternoon ---- Collection of Mrs Emily Carpenter Mostue, Medford, Oregon